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    Unhappy Issues with Plesk on my VPS


    I'm wondering if someone can help me out with this. I just got a VPS and I'm trying to set up Plesk for the first time to use my domain name, however every time I go to Server > DNS > Add New DNS Record it tries to add it to <Domain> but I want it to be my actual domain. I can't see to change "<Domain>" to my real domain. The Plesk manual is useless too. Thanks for the help, and sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in.

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    Hi Xero9,

    Are you trying to setup DNS just for your domain or for the entire server. From the Server>DNS>Add DNS Record creates a template for the DNS services on the server.

    If you are trying to setup a single domain, you will need to do that from the Domain menu which should be in the left hand toolbar.

    If you can tell me what version of Plesk, I can try and help a little more. I'm running 7.5 Reloaded for Linux on my VPS.

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