Teaneck, New York, July 10, 2005 - Host The Best, a web hosting provider, has announced that it has launched HTB PopUp Blocker. This software helps the customer to block any pop-ups on their computer.

HTB PopUp Blocker blocks annoying pop-up ads in Internet Explorer. Its easy-to-use. Setup mode lets you choose sites from which to allow pop-ups when you browse. Features in version 1.0 include: the ability to allow pop-ups simply by clicking an open-in-new-window link; a Win+Z hot key to allow the next pop-up; and streamlined program operation so your browsing experience is never interrupted. It does not contain any spyware, adware,
or third-party programs.

"Our goal is to help the Web users make exploring the Web a hassle-free experience," said a company spokesperson. "Total customer satisfaction is paramount to our team and the Web Host can rest assured that this software will keep our customers happy."

For more information about HTB PopUp Blocker go to www.htbpopup.com.

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