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    hdw requirement for DJBDNS

    Hi All,
    I read the
    HowTo: Installing DJBDNS on a FreeBSD 5.3 server for virtual hosting from jsquires
    it's real a good help but I have a problem with our hdw.
    jsquires writes

    PHP Code:
    IP Address Asignments:
    X.Y.Z.NS1   NS1 tinydns
    X.Y.Z.NS2   NS2 tinydns
    X.Y.Z.DNS   dnscache
    X.Y.Z.PUB   web/mail/ftp 
    I have all ip's

    if I like to install ns1, one dnscache and web/ftp on one box
    how many nic (eth) to I need?

    or if I take ns1 and web on one box, why to I need 2 IP -
    can I use one ip on ns1 and www?


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    Theoretically, you *could* do it all with one address. But I'd say:

    1 Address for DNS Master.
    1 Address for DNS Cache.
    1 Address for Web/FTP.

    You only need one physical NIC regardless, just bind the additional addresses to the existing NIC.


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    Use for your dnscache -- no reason to have that on a public IP.

    see Matt Simerson's Guide: DJBDNS on FreeBSD How to
    May this post be indexed by spiders, and archived for all to see as my internet epitaph.

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    Matt Simerson? I worked with him for quite a while in a past life. Anything he says with respect to DJBDNS should be taken as Gospel. You'll need to run the cache on a public IP if you choose to allow other systems to query it.


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