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    FTP and file ownership


    On my server I'm running ProFTPD and Apache. Both of them are running as nobody / nogroup.

    When I transfer files to my webroot /var/www the files gets owned by my user by default. I'd like them bo be owned by nobody / nogroup so that Apache can read and write to all files in the webroot.

    ProFTPD runs as nobody
    Apache runs as nobody

    I login to ProFTPD as "my-username" and transfer files to /var/www. Then the files I transfer gets owned by "my-username" and "my-group".

    How would you recommend me to set this up so that the files I transfer are writable to Apache automatically?

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    This is a tiny bit nasty, but will do what you desire.

    First of all, change your user's group to be the same group that Apache runs under.

    Then edit your proftpd.conf. Find a line that relates to file permissions. They will currently be set to 022. Change these to 002.

    That should work.

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