Overall Aim:

- RSS Feed Directory


- Featured Feed
- Most Popular Feeds Overall (in terms of views - described later on)
- Most Popular Feeds this Week (in terms of views - described later on)
- Recently Added
- Different Feed Categories
- Ability to search feeds
- Submit a feed
- Ability to read Feeds via my site (ie, the choose one of the feeds on the site, or input their own feed URL, and the site will display it for them in their browser)

* When someone clicks a feed, they are taken to a "summary page" of that feed on my site. The summary page will have the feed URL, the title, category, description, and the latest 5 items from the feed.
* The number of "summary page" views for a feed determines its popularity.

Also Required:

- Header
- Full Site Design (ie graphics)
- All coding to achieve the above


- Basically you will be making the site from scratch from the above requirements/features.


Please submit general quotes for this work to mkg1 [at](NO SPAM) orcon.net.nz with a PORTFOLIO SAMPLE. We can work on a more specific quote and deal once I give you more details.

Please also email that address if you feel you need more information. I have made some prelimary layout diagrams for the site that you may find useful - email me to receive these. Remember you need to be able to design and code the above website.