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    webhost software configuration

    Hi, I'm starting a webhosting company with a friend of mine and have expierence with most of the major webhosting software such as Apache, Mysql, PHP, Perl, Squid, qmail, spamassasin I also have experience administering servers in a developement envronment. What I lack is experince with client/reseller/billing software.

    I'm at the point now that i'm looking more deeply into management solutions for our clients and resellers and also the backend for managing billing and support.

    It seems that cPanel is very robust and takes over most of the system. I read on their site that removal of cPanel usually requires a reformat. For that reason alone i'm treading lighty before i make a final decision.

    Maybe some established hosts can post their configurations and why they (work/dont work) for their business.

    thanx in advance

    ps ... Open source software is a big plus

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    I think that you should go with cPanel. cPanel has loads and loads of usefull and time saving features. We have been using cPanel from the very beginning and it has worked out fine. Also, If you are looking into a billing system for your clients, you might want to consider

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