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  1. #1 - Review if possible please.

    Hi guys.

    Well ive spent many weeks developing now and it is 95%finished. I have added a complete gift section, business directory and ecard section now, and have other items coming over the week. : - eCards, Gifts and more......

    If anyone would like to do a review on it comments / site suggestions welcome.

    I am also interested in doing a text link exchange if anyone is interested but only to suitable sites ( is a google PR4 ). Please get in touch if interested.



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    Very nice site, and a great domain to boot. My only suggestion would be to update the upcoming events.

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    thanks for looking, yeah i am currently looking at updating that and also having ahappy birthday to members aswell
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    I like it all except the background...

    Other than that - good job.
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    any ideas as to what to have as backgreound ???

    Originally posted by VolkNet
    I like it all except the background...

    Other than that - good job.

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    Looks great!
    BTW...your domain also is worth quite a lot...but i suppose you already know that

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    thanks canico

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    Looks awesome! Amazing domain, I bet that makes you a pretty penny

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    good colors and nice animated logo

    good general script and site navigations. fantastic domain, so its perfect,

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    cheers again

    i am wanting to run a competition to give away teddys anyone got any comp ideas i can use

  11. It's looks nice. Good job. I will get the next birthday card from here for sure.

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    Looks great! Nice domain too! - We Fly Above The Competition™
    The Industry Leader In Cloud Web Hosting

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    i like the fun and warm look of your site

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    thank you. I am still adding and taking ideas for the site etc.

    Also had a few good offers from people wanting to buy the site . Some guy offered me £500 which i found funny but there you go.

    Also still looking for competition ideas if anyone has any.



    Originally posted by marsian
    i like the fun and warm look of your site

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    Yeh looks really good, and i love the domain , great job there.

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    thank you for your comments

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