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    Signing up for Multiple YSM (Overture) Accounts for Bonus

    Now, based on the title - you can already imagine my question. Aside from the sheer fact that it would be unethical to sign up for multiple Overture accounts for each of your different sites or businesses, so that you receive the $50-$100 credit for each account --- is there a specific rule in their Terms of Service that says that you can't do that?

    I've read their terms thoroughly and can't seem to find a "don't do it, or you'll get in trouble!". Therefore, I'm left with the feeling of "Would they really care, as long as you make the require deposit, keep the accounts in good standing, and keep them active". You know?

    While most people advertise monthly with a lot more than a couple hundred bucks -- for someone who is starting up a new venture or two, it could really help a lot to open seperate or multiple Overture accounts and receive that bonus on each of them.

    I'm just curious what you guys think about this. I had an Overture account about two years ago, and I got a $50 bonus when I signed up -- and just recently, I decided to go back to Overture (which I find out was acquired by Yahoo), and instead of taking the time to dig up my old account info (which was probably disabled after so much inactivity over the past 2 years), I just opened a new one, and got the bonus again.

    This of course sparked the question I bring to you guys today -- anyone else consider the thought of opening seperate accounts for seperate sites or businesses, just to get that bonus? As I said, I know it might not be the right thing to do, but then again, if they were strict about it, I'd think I'd have found a clause in their terms of service about it.... Ah... maybe I'm just missing it. Anyway.. looking forward to hear your thoughts.


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    With the $20/month minimum spend, and deposit required, perhaps that's why they don't care? Just a thought. I didn't see anything like this in their terms either.

    I do think it is unethical as well though.
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