Sorry if this is a n00b question, but I'm trying to figure out how to implement what the subject line says.

I need to know:
1- Any good websites or tutorials where I could learn this.

2- About how long it would take me (>10 hours is bad for me), or how much this normally costs. I said I'd just flat-rate this for 4hoursX$40/hr, although if I can't do it then I should let the client know in advance so she can get someone else to do it. If it takes >$200 to normally set this up, then it may not be good for the client.

Additional info:
Goal: The client (a friend of mine) is starting up a free magazine (it would be advertising-supported). She wants to track how many people read the magazine online. This information is useful for advertisers so they know how many people they're reaching. I don't think she was too keen on the idea of looking at logs for the # of unique visitors.

What she wants is a registration thing where they put in their email, the server sends off a verification email thing (so they don't put in fake emails), and they're registered. The reader can then go on and read the full articles for things.

Current web host is, they run on Apache and supposedly give 2 mySQL databases.

It might be that what the client wants is impractical, and it may make more sense to do a workaround (i.e. gauge online readership through unique visitors). I'm open to suggestions. Thanks in advance for any help pointing me in the right direction!