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    Ok so after what seems like ages ive narrowed down the lists of hosts which are suitable for my client (price and feature wise). I would like you guy's opinions on these companies, what dealings you've had with them, problems etc. And also where are the servers located?
    Bronze plan
    Integral One plan
    Intermediate plan
    Blue plan
    Starter plan

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    If you want to find out where their servers are located, office are located, I suggest you contact them or check the about page, which usualy should have the info about the location of the servers.

    As for each of the above hosts, i suggest you do a search on WHT first first then compare their packages

    Good luck
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    Ive searched chose the plans I *would* go on but I want to know the opinions of current/ex users. I think the plans ive chosen are well priced and the features offered are great but am I getting what I pay for? Ill check where the servers are in a bit. Thanks Hoobastank68.

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    Check who they are through ....

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