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    Question mail servers hostname on reseller plans?

    Is it possible to find a reseller hosting that allows my own hostname for mail server?
    My current host uses a generic for outgoing e-mail and I don't like this very much.. I would like to use my company's hostname.. is this even possible or would I have to go VPS?

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    All Cpanel resellers *that i know* of allow it, not sure about plesk Hosting And Web Design For Small Businesses!
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    You've made like 3 threads about this. You need a VPS.

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    cpanel does NOT allow the true mail server hostname to be the reseller name, or rDNS to be the reseller name, they are typically a generic domain as well.

    Dedicated or VPS with rDNS provided by the upstream/provider is going to be your only real option since this is such a big deal.

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    The hostname is actually linked to the mail daemon, not each individual account, so no it is not possible to modify.

    As elix says, a VPS will do what you want.

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