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    Does anyone know the easiest way to figure out how bees are getting inside of a home? For the past week we've had about 15-20 bees come into our house, they all come in somewhere in our basement because that's the only place we've found them. We have one light that is on 24/7 pretty much, and so they're all found dead right at that light.

    We've had an exterminator come once for bees when they made a hive in the side of our house that turned out be be about a 1 square foot hive about 2-3 inches thick, however, we've checked there and there is nothing there and we had the house pretty much sealed, or so we thought.

    We also don't leave any windows or doors open as we have our airconditioner on all summer, so it wouldn't be through windows. We do have daylight windows in our basement.

    Any helpful comments would be very much appreciated.

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    Could you be hallucinating?

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    Nope, unless everyone in my house is.

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    How about getting some bee traps and hanging them in the 4 corners of the basement? Then check on them and see which one has the most bees, then try to narrow it down from that...dont know if it would even come close to working...but you can give it a try.

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    Careful! Have you heard of the 'killer bee'?
    If the light kill the bee, than maybe you should buy more light to keep it on until the bee insight are dead. That is what I would try right now.
    But again, perhap there was a bee hive missed...or a queen bee missed.

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    Febox's idea looks like it might help. It might help to take it a step further and put some on the outside of the house. Maybe that can narrow down where they enter and exit.

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    Wow. I just live with the bees. It's the tradeoff of having stuff bloom in the yard. They eventually leave, or die. I guess some people are allergic, but I stay calm and relaxed and they leave me alone. Haven't been stung since I was a kid. But I average probably two a day that make it inside (up under the eaves and down through the ceiling crack sometimes) every day of summer. Live and let bee.
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    this is an interesting story. iv never heard of it happening, id be checkign all around your house and the basment, there might be a nest some were in the house or out side. there has to be a way for them to get in unless they are magical and just appearing or somthing lol

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    Maybe this is to easy but........

    Why not sit and watch the light that they like..... turn it off and see where they go?

    Another idea. Wait till noonish cover the windows and turn off all the lights so that its pitch black in the basement and look for the light coming in from the outside.

    Checked the normal areas where things enter and exist the home?
    Water pipes, power, cable, phone, dryer duct, air conditioning pipes, outside water faucets, outside outlets.

    Good luck.

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    I dbout that i am suggesting anything that you haven't already thought of her but here goes.

    You said in your post that they seem to be getting in somewhere in the basement, now living in Britain i'v never lived inr or been in a hoseu with a basement before, although someone in my family does ahve a cellar. What i'm trying to say is that from my understanding there can't be too many access points from the surface down to your basement, there must surely be a missed hive at or enar one of those points.

    Windows and doors are left open often in my house, wasps and bees come in from time to time and we ahve a reasobale sixze garden so it's something we've learned to lvie with, of course if the numbers are annoying in you case, i can understand why you might want to do something about it.

    When it comes to "winged creatures" , causing a problem round here and most places i know in the UK, it is the perrenial issue of those damned "flying ants" , wasn't so bad the last couple of summer's mind. I think we bought some gadget to head them off and then there's always the powder you an put down if it comes to that. Moths too but that's a diferent story and not a problem in that way.

    Whether any of what i said was helpful or not, i doubt but i thought i'd comment anyway if you don't mind.

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    It could be that they have a nest imbedded in your walls.

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    You need to go buy some hornets! They can wipe out 30,000 bees per hour.
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    Let's see.....
    To bee or not to bee.

    How many hornets would it take to nuke 30,000 bees?
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    Originally posted by KimmiKat
    To bee or not to bee.

    How many hornets would it take to nuke 30,000 bees?

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