**I know i have a lot of typos but bare with me, i have lots to say**

Hi I just wanted to tell you about my experiences with both my ex-hosting company and the registar. I bought my domain name about 6-7 years (THROUGH NETWORK SOLUTIONS) ago and during that time

there was not to many web hosting company or resellers like there is now *GEZZZZ*, i came apon a web hosting company that had really great features (DURING THAT TIME) So i signed up with them for

6 months i believe. After a year went and came by i thought to myself "Hey i'm getting free hosting" this continued for about 3-4 years, they finally caught up to me and said i had to renewal my

contract because it expired. So i did for two years i paid 199.99 then i actually did some research and found other hosting company that had better features so i TRIED to excercise my 30 days

money back, guess what! Do i even have to say? I didn't get it back, i exchange a couple of e-mails with him and he tried to tell me if i wanted a check to be mailed to me, being a banker i know

thats not the best way to get your money back so i told him i would like it the same way you got it (THROUGH PAYPAL.COM) a week past, then 2 weeks still no refund. I exchange some more e-mails

with him and obviously i was getting the run around. By this time i was pissed and i did some research on his name and the companys reputation. To my surprise i found a lot of information on him

and his company, basically it says to STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from many past customers.

Super.Nu and its subsidiary companies is a bad webhosting company - please do a search for STEVE GUNNELS (CEO/OWNER)on google.com you will find other people who went through the same SH***
the company even has a record on the BBB.ORG *A BAD RATING* from the betterbusinessbureau


Why did i stay with them for so long? Will obviously i was getting free hosting for a couple of years so that was a plus, how was the service you asked? It was alright, had like 3-4 down times a

month and the POP3 had a lot of down times. the one thing i hated was that if you wanted to get an additional e-mail created you had to fill out this web base form to get a new e-mail same goes

for a new FTP. It would take a day usually to have it up, why did he have to do that when they had the ENSIM control panel setup *E-MAIL ADDITION DISABLED*?? I don't know but what i do know is

that when they created the e-mail for you immediately i would start getting spam mail not from my SUPER.NU but the usual spam mail, i was thinking to myself i just got this e-mail address...How do

you think i got all those junk mail? I'm thinking he gave out all new e-mails created to spamming companies or a black list because i would get e-mails for things i didn't even signup for, or

basically i use it just to merely have it. Because you and i know that spamming is bad but you only get spam mail when you actually use it to buy things or sign up for things.

**Network solutions is a great company, even though they have higher prices they are really great.

Well lets get back to my nightmare, before i signed up for the renewal i had problem with the DNS and STEVE asked me if i would transfer it over to TUCOWS and he could be the technical support and

he could manage it and do mantance on it if he needed to, nothing wrong with that right? So i did. What i didn't know was that now he had complete control over my domain and he had the ID and pass

to manage it, i wanted to change my name server many times but i didn't know the ID or PASS, he actually is telling me that i need to pay him 250 to get that information even though i bought the

dmoain name i registered it and everthing.

TUCOWS.com and is a bad company DOMAINDIRECT.COM and OPENSRS.NET

First of all Tucows never answers their phone, you are taking directly to their voice mailbox, but don't bother leaving a message because i'm sure it probably gets erased at the end of the day.

You asked maybe i should e-mail TUCOWS/OPENSRS.NET i tried but if you look carefully the e-mail isn't sent to them its sent to the reseller which is YUP you guessed it STEVE GUNNELS/SUPER.NU
Basically they don't want to deal with the domain owners but only the resellers. So if you have a problem with your domain you can't get help for them only the service provider. I'm thinking i

lost my domain, but you know what, live and learn i guess. It sucks because when they have that stupid transfer lock in place you can't really do anything, i can't unlock it because STEVE won't

give it to me with the $$$ Is this fair?

I thought that TUCOWS was a good company because ever since i'v been using the internet i'v always seen tucows, it wasn't as great as download.com but it was always there, i never knew they were

so bad too. stay away from them too!!!!

Now with my new domain name i'm trying to find a web hosting company. I narrowed it down to two. if you could give me some feedback or advice or experiences


Thanks in advanced.

P.S. I never knew how hard it is to find a good web hosting company these days.