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    mysql non-existant select

    i have a field called important, and it should list any rows that contain the important tag first so i have it setup to select important, but then i want it to list any topics that dont have important, how can i do this?


    none of those work, so i dont what to do next.

    how do you do this, i cannot seem to find it through google either.
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    this is in the mysql_query(); too if that wanst implied
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    Just give 2-3 lines of your php code containing the specific part so that we'll understand your question better.
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    You can ORDER BY any value, including, if so inclined, constants and boolean equations. You probably want something like

    ORDER BY important = 1, itemID LIMIT x

    Note that this requires pulling the full select result to sort it, so make sure your WHERE clauses reduce the result set to something sane.
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    well i am already ordering by time, can i order by both? important first, then time?
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    ORDER BY col1 DESC, col2;
    would order by col1 in descending order, then order by col2.
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    thanks, got it working with that
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