A lot of you are wondering why you should pay so little or so much? Maybe you just want your site to be up and don't need a support tech following your every move. Why not go for something that is in the middle. If you have read this offer and others you will understand that ConnectYourWeb is honest and care about what we sell. Suggestions from existing clients are always welcome. Whether we can follow them or not is on case-to-case basis.

What we can promise:
1. The server will stay up on a consistent basis
2. We will and have paid our bills on time and will not leave you stranded in a crisis
3. We spell everything out in our TOS, so there is no misunderstanding.
4. A 99.9% uptime guarantee, which we enforce.
5. We will not dump you on a budget provider such as server matrix (not that they aren’t a great company) just to make some more cash. We will shop for value and not price when setting up additional resources.
6. Fair and convenient billing solutions.

What we can't promise you:
1. 24/7 support
-The prices are so low because you are expected to help yourself more often than not but we are more than happy to assist you whenever possible.
2. Magical money making schemes
3. A Safe haven for hackers to do their bidding
4. We will not tolerate excessive abuse of our staff. Respect us and you will find that we will return the same level of respect and common courtesy to you.

What’s New?
1. Free domain name with your package.

Planned Upgrades:
1.Authorize.net merchant gateway - Getting closer each and every month
2. Toll free phone support – waiting for more requests

This week’s specials:

S-025P $30.00 yearly - "a good choice for new people who just want a personal site"
250 mb storage
10 GB transfer
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Have a wonderful week!
If you have any questions email [email protected]