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    question members/bandwidth

    i see many sites offering huge space and bandwidth for low as hosting company owners, do your members actually ever use there entire bandwidth each month?
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    hahaha.. that is what most hosts hope does not happen. To answer your question in most cases no they do not.

    We have been offering smaller, reasonable sized accounts and even with our dinky accounts only about 10% of our customers reach their space limits and maybe 2-3% reach their BW limits.

    It is marketing plain and simple.

    which looks better

    5 gigs space + 150 gigs of BW for $4.95/month


    100 megs of space and 10 gigs of BW for $4.95/month (which more than likely will never be used).

    I saw the first one sure looks better from the consumer stand point but what happens when customers actually sign up that Will use that much a host will have trouble keeping up I think.

    My 2 cents.

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    Thats overselling. With the hope that it is not used...Do you feel lucky?

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