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    2 Uplinks for load balancing... Please help

    May I ask a bit technical question?
    I have struggled this for a few days, but still no result.

    Currently we have
    uplink A :
    gateway A :
    Server 1 IP:
    Server 2 IP:

    3 connections to the hubs:
    eth0 of server 1 to hubs
    eth0 of server 2 to hubs
    uplink A to hubs

    We would like to have a 2nd uplink from different ISP for load balancing,
    and build a server 3 (running Linux) as a gateway as below

    2nd uplink is -
    uplink B :
    gateway B :

    Server 1 IP:
    Server 2 IP:

    and Server 3 contains 3 NIC which -
    Server 3 eth0 connected to uplink A
    Server 3 eth1 connected to uplink B
    Server 3 eth2 connected to the hub

    3 connections to the hubs:
    eth0 of server 1 to hubs
    eth0 of server 2 to hubs
    eth2 of server 3 to hubs

    and can server 3 acts as a gateway, which can
    1. for packet destination is US from the hub (i.e. server 1 and 2), then use uplink A. Otherwise use uplink B.
    2. Provide some traffic monitoring and control.

    Can a Linux gateway server support above requirement?
    I tried to setup those routing, ip_forward, in server 3 and server 3 can go to internet, ftp, ping server 1 and 2.
    However, server 1 and 2 can ping server 3, but they failed to connect to Internet.

    Please see the attachment for details.

    If so, any hint(s) or reference document?

    Many Many Thanks.

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