Pinjack Hosting is a startup hosting company aimed at marketing itself to the Canadian Market as it is Canadian owned and operated.

As the owner and creator of I strive to keep abreast of as much technical information as possible and have managed thus far to create everything by myself. The site is fully functional with H-Sphere behind it and Cerberus as a support system.

My only problem, and I'm sure the same as many others, is that I'm not getting the sales and quite frankly I'm not very well educated in that field of the game. I'm looking for someone that is educated in that area, and I will offer a generous commision.

I don't offer supreme budget hosting, I can't be bothered trying to market $3 dollar plans out to people it's just not worth my time and I think my services and yours are worth more than that.

I offer reasonably priced hosting (although current pricing on the site is soon to be revamped, along with some appearance changes so as to make it more Canadian friendly).

If you are capable of generating sales, I'm willing to push ALL the profit to you so long as I am able to cover my expenses - I may even be able to offer this on a somewhat residual level though to what extent I can't say just yet.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please PM me with your experience and your interest and we can go from there.

Thanks for your time,

Ryan Alexander
Pinjack Hosting Solutions