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    Managed vs. Unmanaged Server?

    Whats the difference between a managed and an unmanaged server? I'm looking for a dedicated server and found some cheap ones with cpanel from and but people say these comanies dont have managed servers. Some websites dont even say if their servers are managed or not managed (ex.: Whats the deal?

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    An unmanaged server is defined as one which the datacenter sets up the hardware, connect it to the internet, assigns the IPs and install the OS and maybe the control panel and the rest is up to you. Your tasks would be to configure the server, install programs, add your firewall and troubleshoot.

    A managed server would come with the above plus probably some sort of server monitoring, troubleshooting services or some hardening services. There are different degrees of managed service so you need to check with the datacenter as to what is included and what is not. Some may go to the extend to helping you install program, set up firewall, add sites to your server and so on.

    Generally servers are offered as unmanaged unless they specify it is managed.

    So if you are good at server management then an unmanaged server would be good for you but if you need some hand-holding especially if it is your first server, you might want to get a managed server, select one which meets your requirements.

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    eddy2099 has given a good explanation. If you know your way around a server, then go with an unmanaged server, otherwise you should either get a managed server or an unmanaged server combined with a 3rd party admin service.
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    I would go with they say they are unmanaged but anytime i had issues they were more than willing to give me a hand to get my server back online. I would stay far far away from if you are looking for a cheap celeron try i have 3 of them rock solid servers.

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