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Thread: MySQL Error

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    MySQL Error

    I am attempting to install an oscommerce installation, and am recieving a MySQL error #1142 - create command denied to user. So I tried to setup a table via phpmyadmin, and got the same error.

    I have been going back and forth with the webhosting company, who btw doesn't seem too knowledgeable on the subject. They say that the privileges are set correctly, and I have double checked my configure.php files. Anyone have any suggestions that I can try, or pass along to them?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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    I don't know about osCommerce specifically, but the config script probably is edited to specify a mysql user. The mysql user must be granted full access to the database that has been created.

    Note that the mysql user is independent of the linux or windows userids. If you have a control panel for your account you can probably create a mysql user for the database. I know you can do this in cpanel.

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    Certainly sounds like a mysql permissions error.

    Have you tried to inport via the command line?
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    looks like to me that it is a server setup issue what are the spacifics on your mysql what permitions are you granted. ETC.

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    I am not famiier with that error on OSC but you might look HERE That sort of addresses the same thing??

    This is a different program but kind of explains it better HERE

    Maybe that will get you and maybe your host pointed in the right direction.

    BTW are you on CPanel or Plesk or??

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    Thanks for all the helpful info, I am still waiting for the hosting company to get back to me... I have no cpanel, plesk, or SSH access, so I am totally dependent on the host. BTW, the choice of hosting service was not mine.

    When the error pops up, it says such and such denied to [email protected]

    Is venus supposed to be the name of the host? B/C The host name provided to me by the hosting company is which is what I have in my configure.php file, and allows me at least to communicate with the db, and see the db they created for me, but not to manipulate anything.

    What is venus in this case? Typically I see this as localhost on other mysql implementations. where is this value set on the hosting side?

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    did you give mySQL its own user?
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