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    Well, I bought some magnetic business cards, and got them in a timely manner, printed then up and distributed them. Then, I ordered some more on the 5th from the same company (papilio) and supposedly recieved them today. All I got was an empty box, so I caught up with the UPS guy and he told me he'd put it down as contents missing. So, I called the company up, told them the magnets were not in the box, and he told me they've never had this happen and they'd call me back before the end of their business hours. Well, I never got a call back. I'll end up calling them back, and I know it's not a huge company because the two times I've called them, I've recieved the exact same guy.

    If I cannot get this resolved, Is filing a charge back the exact same with a debt card as a credit card? I paid with my debit card.

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    They are handled the same. With the exception that you are actually out the money in the meantime as opposed to the credit.. Thats really weird though empty box...Hopefully they will fullfill your order and resend or find them lying on the floor in the shipping room and smack the packaging guy..
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