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    Question (automation soln for free hosting) review

    For the past month I have been working on autocreation - automation solution for free hosting, and it's 99.99% completed.

    Here are the features:

    Admin area:

    # Create cPanel Accounts automatically after signup or
    # Create cPanel Accounts automatically after approval or
    # Turn off the Automation
    # Suspension/Un-Suspension/Termination of cPanel Accounts
    # List all Activated/Pending/Cancelled/Suspended/Terminated accounts
    # File Scanner - find .mp3, .wma, .avi or any other specific files uploaded by users
    # Powerful Search
    # Support Multiple Servers
    # Lock Servers - temporary disallow account creation on locked servers
    # Set Default Server - all domain hosting accounts will be created on the default server
    # Support Multiple Sub-Domains
    # Lock Subdomains - temporary disallow account creation on locked subdomain
    # Support Multiple Hosting Packages
    # Lock Packages - temporary disallow account creation on locked packages
    # Support SubDomain Hosting
    # Support Domain Hosting
    # Subdomain Name banning with option of "exact matching" and "loose matching"
    # Complete AutoCreation and Server Statistics
    # IP Tracking
    # Allow/disallow same email signup
    # Allow/disallow same IP signup
    # Set Maximum number of clients can be waited in the activation queue
    # Receive copies of emails
    # Send Confirmation Email/Welcome Email/Suspension Email automatically
    # Customizable Email Templates
    # Specify how many results per page
    # Forgot admin password - generate a new password and send to admin email

    Signup Form:
    # Select Hosting Package
    # Select Domain / Subdomain Hosting
    # Receive Confirmation Email after signup(automation = off)
    # Receive Welcome Email after signup(automation = on)
    # Signup Form Validation - disallow emails: [email protected] or and domains: testcom or @t@*#!
    # Submit Once Submit Button
    # Disallow banned subdomain names signup

    Client Area

    * View/Edit Client info
    * View Hosting info
    * Forgot password - generate a new password and email to client


    * Easy-to-follow Step by Step Installation

    Still in Development

    * Upgrade Accounts
    * Paypal Integration
    * Enom Integration
    * DirectAdmin Integration
    * Auto MySQL Backup
    * Language Pack

    So in your opinion what is still missing? How much should I charge? Thanks in advance - Professional Web Hosting Provider since 2002 - Automation Solution for cPanel Hosting! + Illegal File Scanner - Your complete Web Hosting Directory with Hosting/Server Tutorials

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    Make sure that the script show ads in any PHP script, even phpnuke, invision and phpbb.

    Normally low $xxx
    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, don't touch this!

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