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    Hivemail license for sale

    We have 1 Hivemail license up for grabs.

    Reason for selling: Client has decided to use Outlook, as apose to webmail solution.

    Vendor url:

    Product description:
    Hivemail is a very asthetically pleasing and easy to use webmail system, designed to emulate the "look and feel" of hotmail.

    You can Enable the product so that users can signup automatically for the service via your site (paid for or free), and you can configure their privaliges via an admin interface - again very easy to use.

    • Complete customization using a skin/templates system.
    • Create multiple skins for the program and allow users to choose between them.
    • Powerful WYSIWYG editor. (IE only)
    • Unlimited users and messages.
    • User group-based permission structure.
    • Paid subscriptions, including multiple plans and free trials, with built-in PayPal and 2Checkout payment processor support.
    • Ability to create or remove custom message folders.
    • Fully supports the MIME email format and HTML messages.
    • Ability to send attachments with outgoing messages.
    • Integrated address book with unlimited contacts.
    • Save outgoing messages and send them later.
    • Powerful message rules and spam filtering system.
    • Advanced user interface, including context menus and intuitive message selection. (IE only)
    • Sort messages based on several terms, including date, subject, sender, importance and more.
    • Strong security measures to assure your users privacy.
    • Special log-in persistence that allows you to resume actions after being logged out.
    • Users can add external POP3 accounts and receive and send messages from/to them directly through HiveMai.
    • Control which columns show up when viewing the message list.
    • Search messages using a powerful search engine.
    • Optional sound when new mail arrives.
    • Personal signatures.
    • Language settings, including date/time format overrides and support for dir and lang attributes of the HTML tag.
    • Comprehensive administrator control panel
    • Update system settings
    • Manager users: add, edit and delete user accounts.
    • Control user groups
    • Create and edit skins
    • Change the look and feel of the program with the templates system.
    • Backup your database with one click.
    • And more!

    This is perfect for those of you wishing to provide a decent webmail interface for your shared hosting clients and/ or ADSL clients

    Screenshots of Hivemail members area.etc will be provided upon request.

    Make me an offer (sensible offers only)
    Andrew Gearing
    AGCC Limited

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    I forgot to add... This license was purchased just over a month ago, so is pretty much brand new.
    Andrew Gearing
    AGCC Limited

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    How much do you want for the license?
    UK Enterprise Hosting

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