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    [For Sale] vBulletin Owned License

    I have a vBulletin owned license for sale. The support expired on May 07, 2005. You can download and use version 3.0.7. You can also renew the support for $30

    The cost is $100.00

    I will have this verified shortly.

    Payment by paypal only.

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    SOLD if still available?

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    Machone, please contact with your license #, name and email address associated with the license, so we can have it verified.
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    If its verified and by any chance still available, I'll take it.

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    Sorry guys, got confused when submitting the ticket. Didn't realise there was a confirmation screen.

    It's submitted now, should be verified soon.

    I will offer based on times that messages were received.

    So far that would be:

    7/11 5:32pm (private message) firedragon
    7/11 9:01pm CozyFish
    7/12 4:59am Subhadip

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    This is now verified, owned license that has expired, so it should be good to go! Good luck with your sale!
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    I have sent a PM to firedragon with information to make payment. He has until Monday 7-18 5pm central to make payment. After that, the offer will go to the next person.

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    BTW: I also have a 1U Racksaver P4 1.8ghz server, 1gig ram, 40gig ide boot drive, mirrored 80 gig data drive (3ware escalade IDE raid). Everything else integrated on the board. I have no idea even what I want to sell it for. The system is about 2 1/2 years old and was purchased new for about $2800 at the time. If anyone is interested in this, just PM me.

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    Has this been sold?

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    Not yet, want your name added to the list? there are a few others in front of you. I am waiting payment from offer #1.

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    This item has been sold. Thanks!

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