Hello Fellow WHT 'ers,

We are currently seeking serious, technically minded investors for a new ISP venture that we are considering to pursue.

Both myself and my partner are looking to launch a windows and linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) firm, such as Servint and PowerVPS. With years of virtuozzo experience,
we feel we have the knowledge needed to successfully run such a company, and therefor are looking for a third partner to help make this dream a reality.

This company will be a 3-way partnership between ourselves and the lucky investor who is chosen for this venture. All tasks, duties and pleasures will be shared out equally
among the partnership and a contract will be drawn up as a guideline.

So, a long story cut short. If you're technically minded, with money to invest and are looking to work with two knowledgeable administrators with years of expierience, then this
opportunity is for you.

We have researched costs and expenses needed for hardware, software, and more to get this company up and running. We are willing to take any input from the investor though.

A business plan is ready and waiting and can be sent out to anyone who is interested, Simply PM us with your interest and we'll get everything sent out.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and initial investment will be in the $x,xxx region.

Thank You