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    Colocation in northern california.

    After searching on google and WHT for months I have not found any information so I ask the extremely knowledgeable people on this forum for help.
    I am looking for colo near as possible to San Francisco but, I am willing to travel as far as San Jose. (I would prefer not to go that far.) At the present moment I only require 1-2u of space and 1200+ GB of bandwidth. I do not have much to spend but, I also realize that the SF area isn't cheap. Please give me any and all companies that your know of.
    Thank you in advance.

    PS: I would like to have an easy option to upgrade in the near future to a larger space i.e. 1/3 , 1/2 rack
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    Check out

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    Could you please check the following link

    I recommend They are located _in the Market Post Tower
    building and specialize in co-location at San Jose. _

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    I know there's in san franny and a few other hosts in Sacramento. Any further south and you're no longer in Northern California.
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    In the Bay Area, you basically have three options:

    San Francisco
    San Jose/Santa Clara/Fremont

    And maybe a couple in Oakland.

    That's it for Northern California.

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    I know of coloserve and jmawired in san francisco. and one other whos name I can't remember in fremont, and then in SJ I can't think of any at the moment. I know of some datacenters in nocal but can't find many companies that are selling by the u.

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    i am also looking for _good_ colo in SF, or maybe LA, and am finding plenty of carrier-neutral datacenters to go direct with (not for me) and plenty of small colo shops with 1 or 2 transit providers (not for me), but no shops reselling space at a carrier-neutral dc AND providing blended bandwidth from 3-5 tier 1 transit providers.

    its downright diappointing.
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    I really would like to have colo in San Francisco so I wouldn't have to drive out to fremont and SJ, in a time critical situation a 15 min drive across the city is nothing compared to a 1-1.5 hour drive to another location.

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    Check out Navisite. They have facilities in both San Francisco and San Jose.

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    N. California

    Did you find what you are looking for yet or are you still searching?

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