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    Data entry -- very easy job.

    I'm looking for people to input data into an Excel sheet. I have a huge list of companies in a certain industry and I would like for all of them to be listed in the excel sheet.

    The data fields for each entry are:

    Company Name, City, Phone Number.

    That's it. There are over 10,000 entries. I'll pay per entry -- an entry with the data above will take about 20 seconds (I've timed it).

    PM me with your price per entry. Also, let me know how many entries you're willing to make (minimum 500).

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    Ah i'll do 1000 entries if needed. $5 for every 20 entries.

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    I would be willing to do the 10,000 entries for $600, which works out at approximately $10 an hour; to be completed in 7-10 days.

    Contact details/phone number, etc available on request. I'm UK-based, .


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    I'm ready to try to process first 1000 of entries for $50 to see how long it takes. If it's ok I'll make the rest 9,000 for as least as $400. Feel free to email or chat at YIM.

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    I'll be making my decision shortly -- I have over 15 PMs already.

    Please no more PMs. Anymore past the time of the post will be disregarded.

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