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    Lightbulb Need some hints on building simple search engine

    I am trying to build a basic search engine for a large-ish catalogue of about 10,000 - 100,000 items. Can someone recommend any good tutorials or books on the subject? Also, if anyone knows of relevant Open Source projects please let me know. I am doing it in PHP with MySQL.

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    For a structured group of items (unlike, say, web pages), keyword systems are simple and effective.

    You basically have a table like
    keyword | itemID

    You can index keyword and use that to pull the items that correspond to it. For OR matches, use 'keyword IN (keyword list)'. For AND matches, you can join the keyword table with itself as needed. You can also do prefix matching (cat matches cats), but postfix matching (cat matches bobcat) would be very expensive.
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    For 10,000 - 100,000 items -- I would suggest using a pre-built search engine. I like mnogosearch (since its has nice PHP bindings).
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    i also second the mnogosearch really nice software with tons of features.

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    i say a good option is to code it yourself it feels more yours

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