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    Mediatemple is offline (Back online)

    Along with all of my websites. My email works, but it is extremely slow.

    Is there anyone else out there that uses If so, do you experience downtime often?

    After about 3 hours of downtime, it's back. Still, if anyone can let me know if this sort of thing is regular I'd appreciate it.
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    (mt) Media Temple response

    A bandwidth carrier upstream from (mt) Media Temple had routing issues this morning. The problem has already been mitigated by re-programming our routes to new carriers whom are not experiencing issues.

    Our network and servers are fully operational.
    Media Team
    (mt) Media Temple

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    Thanks. I was concerned, just because of problems with virtual host in the past just disappearing.

    Iím otherwise very happy with your service.

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    hey man, glad to hear everything worked out for you guys and that you're back online.
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