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Spry Dedicated Servers on limited blow-out sale
Spry is pleased to announce the availabilty of our newest dedicated server offering. We use real servers, real network gear, in our own datacenter in Seattle, Washington. Primary upstream providers are Peer1 and Verio.

Many of our customers have scoured the web for the best web hosting company. They know quality when they see it, and that's why they love our products, our support, and our prices.

Spry Dedicated

Yourbox 300
Xeon 2.4ghz
73gb SCSI 10,000 RPM
1024mb RAM
3000GB Transfer
Your choice of OS
Remote Reboot / Private VLAN
$174.95/mo + 149.95 setup (waived for 3 month pre-pay)
With no Setup $199.95/mo


cPanel $30 monthly
Plesk $30 monthly
Extra 120gb $100 one time
Extra SCSI $200 one time
Extra 1GB Ram $174.95 one time
Windows $30 monthly
Remote-hands $50 hourly
5 IP $5 month
Fully-managed server $50 monthly (OS Choices CentOS, Fedora Core 2, RHEL, Debian, Suse)

Spry's datacenter is located in Seattle, Washington in the Westin Building. Spry utilizes several upstream BGP providers including Verio and Peer1, and is an active member of the Seattle Internet eXchange. Please use as a test IP or download

Contact sales at 888.808.SPRY