ServInt Internet Services Proudly Announces:

ServInt continues to provide the best VPS value in the hosting industry. Come see what a difference experience makes! Now, take advantage of low prices for ClientExec. You can now add ClientExec to your top-rated ServInt VPS for only $2 per month.

As always, if you sign up for a VPS as a result of this promotion, you will get 10 free days added to your first month. Use the 10 days to get moved in, communicate with our Managed Services NOC, and test out your new server without paying two bills at once.

The ServInt VPS, under this promotion, includes:

  • Free Control Panel (cPanel/WHM or Plesk Reloaded)
  • Generous bandwidth levels
  • Ample disk space
  • Extremely powerful host machines
  • Help with moving
  • APF firewall support
  • Virtuozzo Power Panel
  • Same low price
  • Reseller discounts available
  • 10 Free Days of service for WHT customers

Be sure to sign up for ServInt's WHT VPS promotion today to qualify for this special offer. When signing up, use the following Promotional Code: 10year10day on the signup form to be automatically granted this special introductory offer.

Here is a full listing of our VPS solutions:

ServInt Essential VPS
200 GB bandwidth
10 GB storage
256MB RAM guaranteed (burstable)
And much more
$0 setup, $49/month

ServInt Signature VPS
350 GB bandwidth
20 GB storage
512MB RAM guaranteed (burstable)
And much more
$0 setup, $89/month

ServInt Ultimate VPS
500 GB bandwidth
30 GB storage
768MB RAM guaranteed (burstable)
And much more
$0 setup, $129/month

See for full details on all of our VPS products.

The ServInt Difference

All of our products are managed, including:

-Free upgrades to OS including security patches
-Free remote-hands, including debugging problems
-PHP, MySQL, CGI, stats, and more
-Port monitoring, instant hands-on response to issues
-No charge for reboots or system troubleshooting regardless of fault
-Immediate hardware replacement (at our cost) if components fail
-Unlimited port-monitoring, pro-active response to problems
-Full 24/7 tech support including: assistance with configuration, DNS management, apache/SSHD/OpenSSL/nameserver/etc configuration, and more

Why choose ServInt?

ServInt has been providing managed hosting services for over 10 years now! We maintain a 24 hour operations center staffed by server experts. All technicians are able to troubleshoot any problems you may have. They are available by phone and email 24 hours a day, every day, to provide help and answer questions. Most importantly, since we own our own datacenter, our technicians are on-site 24 hours a day.

Our support speaks for itself. We use experienced personnel for every task. Our idea of a good response time is 2-3 rings of the phone, not 2-3 hours in reply to a trouble ticket. We believe your concerns should be about running your business, not doing your own technical support. Most problems are handled immediately--the only delay being how long it takes to quickly resolve the issue.

Our primary datacenter is located in McLean, Virginia, just across the bridge from Washington DC. We have been in the same location (sometimes referred to as "The ServInt Building") since March of 1995. We own our own generator, and have backup battery systems capable of running our node indefinately--these systems were put to the test during Hurricane Isabel and worked flawlessly during a loss of power lasting for 4 days. We also have redundant AC systems and security. The ServInt network is connected to several physical locations and our major upstream bandwidth providers include Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems and PCCW's BTN networks, with a total of over 500 peers.

Please feel free to visit or traceroute to the following link, where you will find a few test downloads.

ServInt guarantees at least 99.9% uptime, but most importantly we guarantee your satisfaction as we have with thousands of customers for the past 10 years.

Contact [email protected] or call 1-800-5-SERVINT (1-800-573-7846) and press 1 then 1 at the menu to talk to a representative. If you would like to place an order, please use the links provided above depending on the product you want.

After your order is placed, a representative will contact you. Be sure to mention this WHT-only special. Every member of our staff is trained to provide excellent responsiveness, and we have a full range of custom packages available depending on your business needs.