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    Shoe Theme Site For Sale

    Got a shop for clothing or something else that you want badly? This is the template for you.


    MINIMUM BID: $80.00

    BUY NOW: $120.00

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    lol, let me guess. KICKS Online design?

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    What is Kicks?
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    I think it was a joke.

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    "Kicks" means shoes

    "Kicks Online" = Shoe store online - Your Chinese Radio Online!

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    there was a guy who wanted a site for his shoe magazine, and it was called KICKS online, so I just thought that since you don't normally make shoe designs to try and sell them, that he had made it for that guy and then decided to sell it once his bid didn't win.

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    Well start bidding. We can change the stock photos if you dont want it to be a shoe theme.

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