I was wondering if anyone has had good experience advertising in a hosting directory.

For example, I was looking at advertising on webhostdir.com where to be listed on #1 spot for reseller or shared hosting section it cost $1,000 per month.


I'm sure that $1,000 would not get you that much traffic from PPC since average cost for decent rankings is about $4+ CPC. So with $1K on PPC you get maybe 250 clicks, but who knows what you would get in a host directory.

All I gotta say after reading their rates is that the owners must be making $75,000+ per month in advertising revenue...now I know why so many people are trying to start a directory. Geez....

But anyways, anybody think that there would be a good ROI (ignoring the other factors such as site design...etc.) with advertising on directories such as TopHost and WebHostingDir (TopHost seems to have the higest rankings on Google and Yahoo).