We are now offering advertising spots on our site www.Logo2D.com . With only launching our site around 4 months ago we are now getting and should average around a total 4216 unique visitors for the month of July, along with averaging 13144 page views at the end of this month and with our advertising efforts we are still growing.

Please note the numbers given above for the month of July are based on our daily averages for this month.

We are offering only at this time 6 468x60 banner spots to be displayed at the top of our website on every page for only $50 a month. This equals out to each banner receiving almost 2200 impressions(which equals out to about $0.02 cents per impression). Also if you order now we will include the design of a free banner for your ad.

You can view a screenshot of our monthly and daily stats here.

You can Click Here to Order.

Please email me at [email protected] or pm me if you have any questions. Take care.