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    Need a Windows XP dedicated server - Please Help

    Please i need some data center that have dedicated server with windows XP server.

    I need very much this help.

    Please post the data center that u guys know.

    Thanks a lot for the help.

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    there is no such thing as "windows xp server" XP is a desktop/workstation OS.

    Are you looking for windows server 2003?

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    because i need to run a otserv that just works on windows xp server but i think that exist dedicated server with windows xp as a OS.

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    Originally posted by antonius
    because i need to run a otserv that just works on windows xp server but i think that exist dedicated server with windows xp as a OS.
    There is NO SUCH THING as Windows XP Server.

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    hmm thats very bad

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    I'm guessing this is a game? If you can pm me the info from the otserv files you have I can try to read it help you out.

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    sorry double post!!

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    post the spec on here, so we all can help..

    but i bet you that any windows OS will work

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    hello i`m happy to so you guys posting here,
    i already tried to run in other OS system but this otservers just run good in windows xp servers. Deepbluehosting is it is a game it is like tibia do u know tibia? but it is not with so many players like tibia has it is just like 100 players we dont have so much players.

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    Deepbluehosting i`m trying to send u a PM but i dont have permission i think it is because i`m new here please if you have msn let me know ty.

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    "Free Windows XP 64-bit
    We now offer Free Windows XP 64-bit (Final) on our new AMD 64 Dedicated Servers order.
    Perfect for Game Servers."

    (note, this is not a recommendation, just an answer to your post)
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    Contact some of the DCs through their sales offices.

    Many of them are willing to install XP Pro with your bring your own license policy.

    You have to fax them the key or sometimes mail the CDs.

    I have done it before for game servers I wanted to have XP on and not pay for windows 2003.

    Hope that helps.

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    hmm thanks a lot dude about these informations, Hadriel please give me your msn so we can talk better.

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    server on WinXP? first ive heard. hehe;

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    i already find out 2 data centers but i think that is a lot of more if someone knows please post here. thanks a lot.

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    296 also offers XP-x64

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    Problem is that the DCs can't respond here if they would be willing to do a custom install for you because it would be considered an offer.

    Again, I strongly recommend contacting the sales offices of any of the DCs you are looking to put the box at and ask if you provide the license will they install it for you.

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    Remember how tight the licensing is on this too people ... if you're reselling the product has to be licensed under SPLA, and therefore will not be available ...

    TBH there is VERY little difference between XP and Server 2003, you'll find that anything that doesn't run, probably doesn't run because it's been coded not to - not because it wouldn't actually work.

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    Most datacenters don't have the necessary licenses to resell XP licenses for servers. Not because they're not out there, but because they prefer to use true server operating systems. Depending on the specs of the machine you're looking for and how long you plan to use it, you would most likely save money by buying your own server (Maybe a $549 Celeron cheapie from Dell). You'd just be paying for the bandwidth and rackspace in that case.

    PS: XP x64 is NOT recommended for server use (Anything where uptime takes priority over processing power will NOT benefit from XP x64) mostly because of the lack of drivers, and it is in the pre-release (well, official release) stage. Because of it's "Trial" status, I'm not sure whether Microsoft would provide the high level of support that a datacenter environment would require.
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    We once had a client (who will remain nameless) colo a box with us which we later found out to have Windows 2000 WORKSTATION installed on it. We knew something was odd when this guy put in a ticket asking us to Install Norton AntiVirus and Microsoft Office for him.

    We later found out that the customer was literally using this "server" as a remote workstation over the net via PC Anywhere! He would tell us that when he needed to "get work done" he would simply click on his PC anywhere icon to do his everyday work...

    I nearly fell off my chair.

    When I asked "WHY?" he said that this was the way his nephew had it setup for him. Apparently he didn't think about running the applications locally only because they were never installed on his local PC to begin with!

    Needless to say, this guy was not too computer literate. Go figure...

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