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    Hey everyone,

    I recently started a Web Hosting Business.. It's actually through a reseller program... I did everything and now I'm trying to get traffic... I submitted my site to search engines and they said that could take a long time to get your site listed, that's if it even gets listed.... Are there other ways to get traffic... I know about Ad Words, but that looks like it could get expensive..

    Now, I heard about Ad Sense.... What does everyone think of that???

    Oh, yea.. When I submitted my sites to the engines I was using a free hosting domain name through bravenet... Now, I want to upgrade to an actual domain name... Will that mess up everything I just did with the search engines???

    I probably sound like I'm completely lost, but I'm not... I'm just overwhelmed right now... Or maybe.. I'm just anxious to get some traffic.... I hope someone can help

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    A change in the domain name will make things different. If you submitted the domain of and you bought it wouldnt point to the SAME thing. Instead what I would do is set a redirector at the old page so that the engines search your newer page and also a resubmit would be very helpful.

    As for the Adsense program yes and no, it can get very expensive but if you know your target market and keywords things can work very well.

    Good luck.
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    Yes, and remember to make it a 301 redirect ...
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    If you are starting a webhosting company on a subdomain of bravehost then your issues go far beyond traffic.

    There are many things you should have taken into account before trying to be in business.

    Perhaps you could spend a few weeks reading this forum and start to get an idea of what is involved in the hosting business.

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    don't forget Word Of Mouth! It's quite possibly the best way and most respected.
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