None are forsale but I am wondering what a few are worth.

The .net is new(month old) but points to the .org. It is getting about 7000 hits a day(raw) and about 500 to 1000 Unigue a day. It has a forum on it. IT is ranked on as 127,488. I was sorta shocked.

My hosting site. I just wondered how much the domain would be worth. But this is not for sale at all.

This is a site I will be building. It will be about antivenom banks for venomous snake keepers. But just wondered how much that domain would be worth.

Thanks guys! The one I realy am interested in is thereptileroom domains/site. The site is over 3 years old and has a strong following. and grows weekly. I do not want to say daily as some days no new members. I had over 700 members when the site was on but they do not offer databases when you move and I had to start over. And as we all know forums get alot of the register and never post members.

Thanks again