To go with our change of business model (And rebranding) we are pleased to offer the following pricing on colocation,
1U + 1mbit/sec (Burstable to 100) - 30/Month
1U + 10mbit/sec (Burstable to 100) - 120/Month
2U + 1mbit/sec (Burstable to 100) - 50/Month
2U + 10mbit/sec (Burstable to 100) - 140/Month
1U + Unmetered Gaming bandwidth - 50/Month
2U + Unmetered Gaming bandwidth - 70/Month

Or build your own packages:
20/Month per U
10/Month per mbit (billed on 95%ile)
30/Month Unmetered Gaming bandwidth

For further information or to place an order, email [email protected] or call 0870 141 7273

Lawrence Geib
Ikon Communication Services Limited