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    quick question?

    I was designing a webpage for someone a while back and the business relationship disolved because they refused to pay me, and actually harrassed me several times a day towards the end of our business relationship. The person called their attorney and threatened to sue me, which I had no problems simply because she had no case. Anyways, I agreed to release a dump of the database and images that she had uploaded because thats only fair plus she spent a lot of time populating her shopping cart.

    I figured she would migrate this over to her new server and let her new developer get started on it. I was curious to see what had become of the site so I went to check it out this morning and noticed she is using all of my graphics which I hold the original to and can prove I made.

    Because of this clients attitude I have no desire to reach an agreement, however just stop her from using my work.

    Any suggestions?

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    talk to your attorney, and sue the client.

    or you could contact the client's host, and let them know that the client is using stolen work on her site.

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