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Thread: so what now?

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    so what now?

    Seeing how the threads have all been closed in regards to Shay and XeoComm, whats next? I personally have been left more than high and dry. He has made profits from my work and personally, I think its absurd to see that he is still permitted to hang out here.

    I get in trouble for sharing a secondary name, he rips of hundreds of customers with Pyroshells (one of which was me) I was paid up like three months in advance and he never refunded my funds. He rips off my website content, and says that was a year ago... idiot it was in February! I was in Washington D.C. at ShmooCon during the event, because I was talking to you in the floor of my hotel room..

    What else, who knows what else, and honestly I dont want to know, he's a disturbance to our entire community and costs me money just breathing...

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    Justin, you need to contact the helpdesk.
    If you donít like the road youíre walking on, start paving a new one.
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