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    Port Blocking

    I was recently forced to move in with a family member and I moved my server as well...I run Apache on Win 2000 Server for a personal website of mine, and I also run an FTP and mail (Kerio) service as well. I know my ISP is blocking port 80 (I have Adelphia), and so I have had to resort to running HTTP on a different port. This works, albeit not pretty...

    Over the weekend my FTP service stop responding, and my mail as well. The errors I get are basically "no response from server" (specifically a error 10053 from Outlook)...and I am begining to think I am being blocked on other ports...I have rebooted everything a few times and I have not changed any settings recently...

    I am an amatuer webmaster at best and have no real idea other than the basics on how to diagnose my there some program out there that I can use to tell whether my ports are being blocked?

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    If you have telnet open on your server you can do something like this:

    From the command line:

    telnet 25

    That would test to see if port 25 is open, common for SMTP mail.

    If you get a response back from the mail server, port 25 is open. If not port 25 is closed.

    Generally it's not worth fighting closed ports on a home cable or dsl connection.

    It's much better to get a host, a decent host for a person site should not cost more than $5 a month.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I am able to connect using telnet, though I don't know any of the commands in telnet...but at least that helps me narrow it down.

    Meanwhile I was looking into my dynamic DNS and there may be a problem there, so I am investigating seems that several of my domains with DNS2GO are pointing to the wrong IP for some reason...

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