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    Need Pro. Web Design and Coding

    We need a unique design (once only, no recycled templates of any kind). Coded in XHTML 1.0 TRANS/CSS. We’ll pay extra for info to be added to site and incorporate Support Center and Live Chat. If full coding of site is to be done we would prefer ASP.NET (VB.NET) with SQL database. We just don't have time to do this ourselves. Plus design isn't our primary busines.

    PM for URL of the old site and for more info.....

    Company name? Red Line Services / Services Red Line. Do you have a logo? Yes, i'm attaching a corporate image to this email. Do you need a full site design or template only? Well we'd really like a full design. Is site static or dynamic? Some content Dynamic (such as articles, live chat) the rest is static. Do you have a content? We have ALL our content in both french and english.

    3 sites we really like (so you can see what we're aiming for)


    Special requirement : Our customers are both french and english. This should be taken into account for our site design, it must be easy for us to incorporate content and for users to switch between languages.

    What we already have: Logo, business card, support center (must be incorporated into site) and live chat (must be incorporated into site). All content in both french and english.

    Timeline: We're kind of in a hurry since we're losing business with our main website ( down everyday. We'd like this within a month. Some flash is always nice but no excessive flash.

    Budget: We already had a couple of quotes (from elsewhere, Local design companies, and RENT-A-CODER) and most were below 1000$. So we're looking at max 1000$, plus bonus once everything is done and it's well done!

    Hope this answers all your questions, feel free to PM/email me if you have any other questions. MSN = ([email protected])

    ||| Red Line Services for all your Windows and Linux Hosting needs and custom design services!
    ||| Plesk/CPanel, ASP, ASP.NET 1/2, PHP4/5, MS SQL 2005, MySQL, AwStats.
    ||| Fully bilingual French/English service!

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    Hi, i am interested as well. Take a look at my portfolio,


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