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Thread: Need advice

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    Need advice

    i need advice... i represent

    we are currently under nokiahost, as our webhost

    due to recent events (attacks on the site, slow response time from host, and seemingly weak security of the host)

    we are scouting around for another host

    our needs are:

    about 50Gb or more bandwidth (we are currently at around 30GB but numbers are growing rapidly)

    about 4Gb or less space

    good support

    good security (a must as some people are launching attacks to bring the site down--we use PHPBB)

    we have around 1500 members

    as for budget, perhaps something in the range of 10-30 dollars a month

    any suggestions?

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    If its a very large and active forum, you might want to look into a more semi-dedicated or vps solution. Also take a look at the hosting offers forum and request section as well.
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    yups, thats what we are looking for, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we dont have much idea on the companies offering such

    just a correction, we have around 2300 members as of today (not 1500)

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    i stumbled on from a thread i read here...

    it seems cheap enough to fit our budget....

    i need your feedback though.... is this site any good?

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    Look in shared forum, look at people's sigs.

    Also try doing a search for the host u desire see if anything come's up

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    Hi bodieph,

    I do not recommend a VPS solution. Although the concept is nice, VPS allows you full access to install applications and minimum resources (mem, cpu, etc.). It's better to go with shared hosting or a dedicated server.

    I recommend that you search for web hosting review sites to get a few web hosting companies. Then search for those reviews from googles or look up the web hosting provider in forums to see what others say.
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    VPS allows you full access to install applications and minimum resources (mem, cpu, etc.).
    In shared hosting he risks having his site suspended if it affects the performance of the other customers on the server. A VPS usually alows for bursts of usage above the minimum of guarnteed CPU and memory.

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    bodieph: it seems you should probably not go with a shared account.

    Hosts that I have researched; use myself, and am pleased with, include Micfo, DreamHost, and Site5.
    All of them offer dedicated plans in one shape or another.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    hey man... just research... good luck finding someone that suits your needs
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    It is best if you choose a VPS solution over shared hosting. These two are recommended VPS providers on WHT and

    Good luck with your search

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    i have done some searching and reading and i agree that we probably need a VPS solution rather than a shared hosting

    the thing i want to know is how these hosts respond to security threats.. how do they handle say DOS attacks, and other forms of security. since they will be our first line of defense against such.

    later today, i will look up the hosts mentioned nabadbrahma

    wn-ali, i have cheked powervps but i havent finished evaluating their package.

    tnx for the suggestions guys.. i will look into them

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