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    Lightbulb need help on a formmail


    I am currently working on a project that my customer will sell some goodies from his website.

    The system is simple, there are product pages and click here to buy links. When the visitor clicks, there comes a form mail and then the send button.


    I realized a problem that people might want to buy 2-3 or more products at once, a shopping cart is required. I really can't find a way to make a shopping cart.

    Is there anyone who can help me to build a simple page that'll save the visitors' purchases and create the form mail afterwards?

    I hope I could explain what I need.

    Best wishes
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    hi there,

    you can find lots of shopping card script in

    and more!

    If you are looking for ready to use shopping cart, use oscommerce for that easy to install- easy to install

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