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    need a full service web host recommendation

    i need a new web host!

    $30/month MAX (prefer around $20)


    - shared is fine
    - ~200MB storage
    - <5GB transfer
    - 15 or so email addresses
    - unix or MS doesn't matter.
    - control panel
    - 24/7 phone support.

    basic deal is that some of the people that use the email live in china and need phone support. just basic setting up outlook to receive mail and stuff like that. i've been using unitedhosting for some time without any trouble, but their phone support is only 9-5 m-f UK time which doesn't exactly fly.

    any recommendations are appreciated.

    edit: added budget.
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    as a side question, how involved soes phone support with most web hosts go? for example, lets say a person went through all the steps in outlook to receive their email, yet they still couldn't send/receive, would the typical support offer further help to them? or would they just say "well, then it's a problem with your computer then"?

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    That depends on what you're paying your techs

    The scenario varies greatly in each situation. What amounts of money are these high-management clients paying? ...that has a lot to do with it.
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    I don't see much in the way of recommendations here, the removed posts were totally unrelated. Please take time to read what the OP is asking help with.
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    Relio is working very good and has 24/7, they have both US and UK servers.

    Works pretty good for us.

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    There may be many hosts out there that could suit you. Personally, I have researched the customer satisfaction records of a bunch of the larger ones, and among those that I feel like recommending there's _one_ that has 24/7 phone support: Micfo.
    They offer a 30-day free trial, so it's easy to test them out.
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    thank you for the recommendations so far! I'll definately take a closer look at Relio and Micfo.

    Nadabrahma, where did you go to search through customer satisfaction records?

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