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    looking for webdesigner(s) for gaming sites

    i'll be looking to hire one or more people to help work a few sites for me. they're all related to mmorpg games, so i'd like someone who is familiar designing graphics in that field. i don't want to go in full detail about what i want done with the sites until i choose who to hire so i've just added a site i'd like it similar to.

    the first site i'm looking to make is a subscription website, similar to i need someone who is able to integrate vB and the member and affiliate scripts into the design.

    the second site is a directory website i'm looking to make using the indexu script. i'm thinking of having a setup similar to

    the third and fourth sites are both top lists sites which will be using the script. both to be similar to

    if you're interested, post or pm me with what you're interested in working on, your portfolio, your price quote, and an estimated time you can complete the work.

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    I'm interested in taking on this project, or one of the four

    My portfolio:

    I recently finished up a gaming site design, you can find it at:

    I charge from $75-200 per design, depending on complexity and how long it takes to create. Judging by the sites you've showed here, each design wouldn't be more than $150.

    Average turnaround for a single design is usually withing 1-2 days, the TeamDiablo design was completed in under 4 hours.

    Good luck in your search for a designer, be sure to keep me in mind!

    EDIT: Do you have AIM or MSN so we can talk?

    Kind regards,
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    i'll get back to everyone interested tomorrow since i'd like to see who else is interested in the projects.

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