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    MY hosting site, recently finished it all and launched it. Layout was designed by someone else. I Coded it all and its currently what it is now. Also Skinned the forum to fit the site more.

    Tell me what you think!

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    Hmmm... let's see here...

    1. Is the site really done being coded? For example, you have an "SKN Forums" section there that shows a field for logging in... but it's just one big image... this something you are getting to later? If not, it reminds me of the deceptive pop-ups that lead you to believe you can actually vote for something, or choose something although it's just one image. Not that you are trying to decieve anyone --- after all, if they wanted to click it to log in, they are simply taken to the forums anyway --- it just reminded me of that.

    2. Forums in new window. This is a personal preference for me, but I prefer that forums open in a new window. Just an idea to think of.

    3. Header height. It's tall for what you have there. The buttons in it have these tiny icons, but tons of space allocated for them and the logo doesn't need that much space either. Your header could be half its height.

    4. Footer navigation. This is another preference call (though I guess most peoples feedback is), but I think the footer navigation (home, about, partners, etc) should be centered as well as the copyright line. Might look a little more... organized or clean I guess.

    5. Column width on plans. I would do whatever you can to kill the horizontal scroll bar created by the width of the tables in the iframes. The first column (with "Hosting Plans:" at the top) could be thinner - you could easily make it a little bit thinner to kill the horizontal scrollbar. In fact, you could probably make the "Silver" column thin enough to do the job too.

    Overall it's a nice looking site, and with some work/clean-up I think it could be even better. Good job.
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    I like it -- the design especially, although is looks sorta.. I dont know.. plastic. I really like it, but it just seems to hyped up. Good job though.

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    This is a free template found everywhere on the net, but good codig!

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