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    SULTANHOST down, seemingly going down the hill?

    Is ANYONE out there, hosting with Sultanhost, who's having problems with their sites today? It seems like not just my server is not, but everybody's server is down!

    Sultanhost was bought by new owners last year and seemed to be getting better, but today I got phone calls from customers (they couldn't email me, now could they?) because all of my customers' sites are down, my email is down and sultanhosts main site is down, so you can't even put in help desk tickets or check contact info.

    They've been seeming to have more problems lately, which I'm sad about because they are normally pretty great. I've been down for about 4 hours and no word from anyone.

    How does one go about transferring whole accounts to a new service provider without SSH access to the old provider? Can you keep everything intact, including email?


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    Do they have an offnetwork emergency page to keep clients informed about the outage? Most providers will do a transfer of your clients free of charge.
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    Silly question to me

    Of course I've contacted my host. They don't really have a way you can contact them. They are located in Belarus near Russia although they pose as if they are in the US. So you can email them, but you have to wait as many as 12 hours to get a response. Usually, unless they are an idiot (sometimes people are idiots), people don't post on WHT until they've tried the reasonable, quickest, most logical solutions which means, they've got to have at least contacted customer support and at least waited 2 hrs before getting mad enough to share it with the world that the host isn't very good.

    The service got better last year after the company ownership changed, but has devolved again since early this year. It's really, really bad when it is bad. It isn't how a company handles good times, it's how available, capable, willing, etc., they are when something goes wrong, and they really fail you badly when something goes wrong.

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I didn't get a notification that you'd written anything because of course my POP3 mail wasn't working because all my websites were down for like 16 hours. No automatic refund either.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot...

    Sorry, I didn't completely respond to your question about the network status and contact pages.

    In addition to not having 24/7 support like they say that have, they don't really have a true, live network status page. There is this sort of pathetic little thing at that says it's updated every 2 minutes, but it's not accurate at all. I've been to visit it during times where they've admitted something's wrong and yet the page doesn't seem to reflect it.

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles with them. I personally have never heard of them, so cannot comment. Do you have backups of your sites? If horror of horrors, they have gone out of business, you may be out of luck.

    Be sure to let us know how you make out! Good luck!
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    I have been with ST host for longer than a year (reseller account) and have had so many downtime on my sites, I've stopped counting!

    I'm considering someone else, but it's such a pain to move everything. Any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kokopelli
    I have been with ST host for longer than a year (reseller account) and have had so many downtime on my sites, I've stopped counting!

    I'm considering someone else, but it's such a pain to move everything. Any suggestions?
    If you have backups, you can move to a new web host. If the web host is nice enough, you can request assistance from them to help you restore your backups.

    Without knowing your requirements, no one will be able to suggest a new web host. You can however try searching on

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    Sounds like the server you've been placed on has been getting progressively more oversold. From what I've seen situations like this do not get better unless you move to another server the host runs.
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