I am the owner of Revise Media (, a small but dedicated web hosting business. I'm currently looking to further expand our shared hosting client base.

For this reason, we are seeking to aquire a small hosting company. It doesn't matter if you run a sole proprietorship or corporation. We are looking for a hosting company that has established a commitment of excellence to its clients, but no longer has time to operate for whatever reasons.

We are looking for a company with these requirements:
- Small monthly income < $500 (anything $1 - $500 will be considered)
- An established client base (by this I simply ask that most have been around for a billing cycle and continued hosting, but if not, we may still be able to work something out)
- Offers Unix hosting and uses CPanel control panel, to ensure smooth transition

Beyond those requirements, I open to discussion, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you might be interested. Even if you're just breaking even, or even running at a small loss, we will look at ways that your business strategy could be improved to make the aquisition worthwhile. When I say "aquire" I refer to clients mainly, in some cases brand (website, etc), and possibly equiptment.

Look forward to hearing from you via PM!