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    I have one question and would really appreciate if some one would give me a hand. I have a directory called /downloads where I host a lot of files , flash , mp3, images, wmf , avi and other , for people to download , but the thing is that files are not being downloaded at the process , they are being streamed, i want to ban that , apache can handle file types I was wondering is there a way to place something like ForceType application/octet-stream into .htaccess with a file type ending to stop streaming , so that files will be downloaded instead of streaming ,

    Any advices are welcome

    Thanks in advance

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    They're probably not streaming in the true sense of the word. You're probably just seeing your web browser buffer them and play as it gets it downloaded.

    Yes, you could easily do what you're asking by
    AddType application/octet-stream .3-letter-ext.

    Another option would be to compress 'em.

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